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Is Your "To Do" List Making Your Feel Like This?

Assisting seniors with basic household chores when they are physically handicapped and unable to keep up with certain daily or weekly chores.

Providing weekly grocery shopping and picking up medications and prescriptions

Dog walking and scheduling visits and transporting to the vet when required.

Assisting in arranging travel plans for visiting children, friends, and relatives including transportation to and from the airport

Eliminate worries about your home when you are traveling and away with our professional housesitting service.

Dog walking and scheduling visits and transporting to the vet when required.

Making Your Life a Little Easier

We are a dedicated personal concierge service focused on making your life a little bit easier.  At $Business Name$ we perform the routine daily tasks and chores for you that you simply do not have the time or the desire to do. By eliminating life’s headaches, we allow you to spend more time solving and tending to your important personal and business needs. 

Specializing in Senior Services

At $BusinessName$ we provide professional concierge services for business executives, travelers, and really all types of individuals that simply need a “professional” assistant.  Our most common clients, however, are our senior citizens often living alone and in their own home but needing some assistance for some of the more difficult tasks.  This can include everything from grocery shopping to taking care of pets and more difficult household chores.  Many of our senior clients have lost a loved one and now find living alone difficult.  At $BusinessName$, we can provide all the necessary services required to make your life “a little easier”.